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Lew Ulrey is updating the County Composite Big Year spreadsheets on this website (Reports Folder). Similarly, Cliff Weisse is updating Field Trip listings in the News Folder.
Thanks, guys, for helping the webmasters spread the work around a bit!

-- Harry Krueger & Stacy Peterson, webmasters

28 April 2008: We are in a major process of updating, revising, adding and subtracting... all being done in a conscientious effort to make this one of the premier bird and birding related websites in Western North America. Your suggestions and comments are valued as we travel through this process.

We want to hear from you about what you find helpful and informative... and also what you would like to see changed, or perhaps even removed.

I have a suggestion and/or comment for the webmasters

Here are some areas in which you should start seeing changes very soon:

Facts, Figures, and Developments
  • Beside the on-going County Big year lists, there will be direct links to updated Idaho Bird Observatory (IBO) data from the most recent banding and hawk watching seasons
  • There will be a new Seasonal Report section written by Harry Krueger, giving a complete update of the previous season's significant sightings around the state, trends, and population and distributional issues. An abbreviated Winter Season report will be posted soon, with seasons matching those for North American Birds journal (Winter, December 1- February 28; Spring, March 1- May 31; Summer, June 1- July 31; Fall, August 1- November 30).
  • Short special interest pieces on remarkable and significant avian developments in Idaho (and the greater NW) will make their debut.
Image Gallery -
  • This will be updated by region of the state
  • We will continue the practice of only posting "rarities," whether because of locality or "bird art " photos or common species
  • A new section devoted to subspecies occurrence and distribution within Idaho
  • An expansion, updating, and general revision of the "white-cheeked goose" article, with many new photos
  • An expanded links section to other helpful web identification resources for potentially difficult species seen, or potentially seen, in Idaho
  • An update of recent committee actions
  • A revised official Idaho Bird Field Checklist
  • A completely new listing of seasonal and regional review species to supplement the current "review list" (those species requiring documentation and submittal to the IBRC)
  • Ongoing additions, continuing to make the maps and latilong data a major source of distributional species information
  • An embryonic development of a new Birds of Idaho volumeas a long needed replacement for Burleigh's early 70's definitive work on the avifauna of the state
News and Events
  • Necessary information for birders to become involved in organized, group sponsored activities, regardless of the area of the state will added regularly
Personal List Totals
  • An update of what birders (numbers) have seen in Idaho during various time periods and at various localities... A section that will especially cater to those afflicted with "Lister's Disease."
  • "One-stop shopping" to get you from here to anywhere and everywhere on the Web that could be of interest to Idaho birders
Background Image
Idaho State Bird - Mountain Bluebird
Garden Valley, Boise County, Idaho
Photo © 2004 Ralph Foote
Garden Valley Photography
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