NOTE: New participants may add their totals anytime. New species seen after 31 December 2005 should be added to your tally NEXT year.

RULES: Part of the fun of birding for many people is keeping lists of birds seen in various places, including yards, towns, counties, states, countries, continents, etc. The type of lists are endless, and the American Birding Association (ABA) -- an organization that promotes birding in the United States and abroad -- publishes annual list reports from it's members for categories at and above the state level. Many birders enjoy keeping tallies of birds seen at more local levels statewide, such as counties or latilongs, towns, and even backyards. To that end, will publish annual list totals for birders who have lists of species seen in Idaho's counties and/or latilongs, as well as statewide totals. Participation is open to anyone who wants to send in their totals. The only rules are that you follow ALL the recording rules provided by ABA for deciding which species are eligible to be counted on your list, and all species must have been recorded by you in Idaho (duh -- these are "Idaho List Totals")! Have fun!

Remember -- the totals below contain "Big Years" as well as cumulitive "Life List" totals. Submit as many as you wish.

Idaho State List Totals: Total # of species seen in the state.

County List Totals: Total # of species seen in any of Idaho's 44 counties.

Latilong List Totals: Total # of species seen within the Idaho state boundaries in any of Idaho's 28 Latilongs.

Big Day List Totals: Total # of species seen in one day (midnight-midnight) in Idaho, organized by month, year, county, latilong, and statewide.

Send questions to: Threshholds for reporting have not been determined at this time, but a cutoff may be incorporated as reports dictate. For now, though, we encourage maximum participation! Report your numbers no matter how "small" they seem!


We are accepting totals with a 31 December 2006 cutoff at this time.
Species seen after that date may not be considered for these list totals until next year.
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Any or all of the boxes below may be filled in, as are applicable for the list totals you wish to share...
Idaho Life List Enter the number of birds you have seen
in Idaho over the course of your lifetime.
Idaho Monthly List Enter the cumulative number of species you have seen
in Idaho during any given month.
For example:
January: 86
February: 78
March: 107
April: 119
Idaho Annual List Totals
"Big Years"
Enter the number of species you have seen
in Idaho during any calendar year -- and
put the year in parenthesis. Enter multiple year
submissions on separate lines. For example:
208 (2004)
220 (2003)
169 (2002)
Idaho County List Totals Write the name of the county and the total seen
in that Idaho county over all years. If you do county
"Big Years", then enter the year in parenthesis.
Enter multiple county submissions on separate lines.
For example:
Ada -- 134
Ada -- 84 (2004)
Bonner -- 97
Fremont -- 210
Latilong List Totals Write the Latilong number for the region you
are reporting, then enter the number of species
seen in that Idaho Latilong.
Lat 01 -- 65
Lat 17 -- 120
Lat 28 -- 56
"Big Day" List Totals Enter the number of species you've recorded in one day in Idaho.
Provide the general location, or county name or latilong # if your
location was restricted to such. Don't forget to include the date
and all the other observers in your team (if applicable).
87, Nez Perce County, May 24, 2002, observers =....
103, southeast Idaho, June 17, 2004, observers =....
67, Latilong 27, September 8, 1987, observers =....
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