Idaho Bird Distribution:
Mapping by Latilong

In 1998, Daniel A. Stephens and Shirley Horning Sturts wrote a book titled "Idaho Bird Distribution: Mapping by Latilong" which was published by the Idaho Museum of Natural History and the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program of the Fish and Game. That book included distribution maps for all the bird species in the state, divided by "Latilong." Since such works are invariably out of date before they are off the press (with new bird records occurring all the time), it becomes important to find a means of updating the information so Idaho birders and ornithologists will have a contemporary picture of the status and distribution of species in this region. Enter the internet and With the permission of the authors and the active participation of Shirley Sturts in particular, we hope to achieve that "up-to-date" status with this online version of that book. This project began as a joint effort among the Idaho Museum of Natural History, Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program, and the Idaho Audubon Council. The current online version has grown from there with the involvement of more birders throughout the state.

This Idaho Bird Distribution website in it's infancy. Currently relatively few species' maps are completed, but more are being added weekly (in many cases several per day). It's important that Idaho birders take this project on as their own and report sightings of rare birds to us so their status in the state can be updated. If you encounter a bird in a region that is blank on it's map (or whose breeding or wintering status has "improved"), please document it carefully and send the report to us. Better yet, make it your goal to help us document every possible bird species in the latilongs near you.

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The Idaho Bird Distribution web site shows where the seasonal distribution and status of 400+ bird species found in Idaho. These records are based on the work of the Idaho Bird Records Committee (for rarities) and the records of all species maintained by Keith & Shirley Sturts.

All records will be subject to an ongoing careful scrutiny to insure the most accurate possible permanent recording of the distribution of the avifauna of Idaho.


The recording of bird sightings in Idaho is an ongoing process. Records may now be submitted electronically by using the forms provided on this website. Use the Rare Bird Report Form to document sightings of species on the newly updated (March 2005) Idaho Rare Bird Review List. Use the Status Change Form to report changes in Latilong Status for all other species. We'll get back to you if the sighting requires more information.

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